Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cheap Ring Trick

I learnt this little cheap trick ages ago, and it's flipping useful! Say au revoir to embarrassing green fingers and ruined rings!
Cheap jewellery, and rings in particular, although very pretty in the shop can turn your fingers green instantly turning tasteful to tacky, but here i have the solution! So, before you wear your latest Primark purchase, grab a good top/base coat, or any clear nail polish and coat the inside of your ring, leave it to dry! Then if you have time do the outside too, but the inside is the part most important!
I always do this as allows me to buy cheap rings from on the high street without them staining your hands- a nasty give-away that no-one wants!

These are just a couple of silver coloured rings i bought a while ago in a pack for a few pounds in HandM- now i can wear them all the time!

Nail polish- BarryM in Mint Green
As always picture quality isn't perfect, my apologies if this bothers you

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