Thursday, 25 April 2013

Beauty Bargains!

Beauty bargains, a controversial topic i know! and as i'm sure any of you who are beauty fanatics will know some are really worth it and some just aren't. Yes that lipstick might be only 3 quid, but thats 3 pounds wasted if its a rubbish formula or you don't really like the colour so it rots at the bottom of your makeup bag, and 3 pounds more that you could have put towards an amazing one...sigh mac, ahhhh yummy. However there ARE amazing offers that really are worth it like the regular Boots 3 for 2 on everything, or the everlasting No7 vouchers handed out by the till ladies.
The other day i heard someone saying that they were embarrassed to use coupons or things at the tills which personally i think is sad, theres no need what so ever to be embarrassed about saving money - we all do it to a certain degree! What would be much worse is missing out on that last promotional price mascara!
So, what i'm trying to say in a very round and about waffly way is that whilst theres no point in a bargain you don't actually really want, when you could have put that money towards something you will use and value, theres no shame in bagging a bargain, no one apart from the till (or self service machine if you really want) has to know!
Some little tips for good beauty bargains i know of (and these are just a few) are to look out for the Boots 3for2 which includes nearly everything! Also i don't know about anywhere else but my local savers often has lots of Rimmel make up all for under a fiver (a bit cheaper than Superdrug and Boots), also BarryM nail polish is often on some kind of deal if you buy more than one, and the other day i picked up a Benefit magazine (for free off the counter) and its got two free vouchers to have your makeup done at the counter, wowee!
so all in all you get the drift, beauty doesn't have to be mega pricey, and cost isn't everything!
Let me know in the comments if any of you have found some great deals!
bye for now! x x x

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