Friday, 26 July 2013

Hello Again!

So it's fair to say that the blog has been a little neglected recently, and no one feels worse about that than us *bowing our heads in shame*. But unfortunately those horrible little things known as exams showed their ugly faces and put our lives on hold! Then of course as I'm sure many of you will know, even the thought of any post exam mental activity (even writing an enjoyable blog post!) is not something that seems appealing for a good few weeks. However we are back, yay!!! And to be honest, bored of relaxing; so we're more determined than ever to share everything with you! We are going to get our acts together and plan all sorts of posts, from more beauty tips and product reviews, to more recipes, with a few lifestyle things thrown into the mix for good measure. So if you have any suggestions for posts, we would love to hear them; just comment below, or tweet us - @vanillavelvets !

Bye for now! x
(And we promise to have another proper post for you soon!)

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