Friday, 26 July 2013

Product of the week #1

So... I have really neglected blogging recently and I don't actually have any excuse- my exams are over and I just haven't felt motivated. Because of this I decided not to clutter up my little space here with writing for the sake of it, but now I really am feeling inspired to write and have found some great new summer products so this isn't a promise it's a "I will really try" to blog at least weekly to update you on a new find or an old favourite that you might also enjoy!

So, that out of the way this weeks find is a waterproof mascara that is actually waterproof! Yes ladies it does exist- the new maybelline the rocket in the waterproof version!

Now normally I don't bother with waterproof formulas as I find that they usually aren't even splash-proof and there are other things higher on the agenda like length, volume etc. however this week has been a bit of a disaster eyes-wise, resulting in a trip to the hospital only to find out I have developed very severe hayfever! While that in itself is not a disaster (it's hardly life threatening and is controllable now I know) it does mean that until my symptoms die down and the medication kicks in my eyes have been streaming 24/7- to the extent that an old lady in asda thought I was crying! 
So I popped into boots and picked this up and I can safely say IT DOESN'T MOVE! 
I'm currently on 20 eye drops a day and its not even smudged. I also jumped off a boat into the sea (several times) the other day and it stayed perfectly in place, wow! I am impressed!

The brush of this mascara is a plastic one, which I don't normally go for but it is actually really good and I personally prefer this to the maybelline the falsies. It gives good volume as well as length and is relative cheap!

The one negative is it has such good lasting power I haven't actually managed to get it off with my make up remover, although this is probably a fault of owning a cheapie make up remover- I use the simple one. This has just made me yet more determined to get my hands on some bioderma, but until that wonderful day, any recommendations?

E x 

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