Sunday, 4 August 2013

Empty Products...

I love a good empties post as I feel they show the products people really like, enough to use all the way to the end, rather than the ones raved about for the sake of raving. You'll notice the majority of these are hair products, as I seem to go through them like anything with my fairly long, very thick hair; but there is a range of other good stuff too! 

VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo
I hate washing my hair, so dry shampoo is something I find myself reaching for quite often in a quest to prolongue the interval between washes! This one is my favourite; it smells AMAZING, isn't too heavy in my hair, and I must be on at least my fourth bottle which shows how much I love it! 
Repurchased? Yes

Aussie Dual Personality Coloured Hair Protection + Shine Serum
This too smells amazing, and I have also gone through a fair few of these too! I run it through my damp hair after every wash, and it's also light enough to use a tiny bit in dry hair to take away any frizziness and leave it soft and shiny.
Repurchased? Yes

Tressemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray
This really helped to smooth down my split ends, and gave my hair a healthy shine.
Repurchased? Not yet - I'm trying out the tressemme straightening spray with argan oil but not loving it as much so I think I will go back to the keratin one!

Loreal Telescopic Waterproof
I LOVE THIS MASCARA!!! Before this, my favourite mascara was benefit they're real, but as they unfortunately don't have a waterproof offering, I had to hunt for one with that to offer. And along came this. It makes lashes volumised, lengthened, and separated; the perfect balance between everything you want in a mascara. 
Repurchased? Ofcourse!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Radience Reveal Foundation
Another favourite of mine! Although my skin is combination, sometimes verging on oily, and this is supposed to be a dewy offering, it doesn't make my face look at all greasy, as long as I set it with a  light dusting of powder. It's hydrating, so much so that my skin feels moisturised when I take of my make up; and a high enough coverage to cover blemishes, but low enough to look natural.
Repurchased? Yes

Body Shop Shower Gels in Strawberry and Passion Fruit
In my opinion shower gels don't get any better than body shops creations; purely for their smell. They do a range of scents, and I love them all; but these two are my faves!
Repurchased? Yes both, and more scents too!

Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash
Tea tree is so refreshing, and great for combination skin like mine; as it clears blemishes and spots a treat, however I do occasionally find it a little drying as my skin isn't really, really oily. So I think although it's attributes are impressive, I'm going to hunt for a more moisturising alternative. 
Repurchased? No - but I may come back to it if I don't find anything better

So, that's it for my empties, and keep your eyes peeled for more in the future as I get through lots of products!

Bye for now!

M x

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