Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pick of the Peachy Pouts

My go to lip is a healthy, peachy, glossy finish. I'm going to give you a lowdown of my two current faves; one high end, and one cheap as chips! So let us commence...

Rimmel Vynil Gloss Hippy Spirit- £4.99

I really like this lipgloss because it isn't at all sticky or tacky, and you don't get the problem of biscuit crumbs clinging to your lips; meaning I can wear a glossy lip, and munch on crumbly snacks - what could be better? But anyway, my eating habits aside, it's really comfortable to wear, not very pigmented; but just what you need for a natural peachy nude sheer glossy pout! I prefer to wear this during the daytime as it has a very subtle shimmer. It doesn't last long on the lips, but what gloss does? So for the price this is pretty good!

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss 30- £22

I love this, and it is a real treat to wear; as with everything from YSL! This is much more shimmery than the Rimmel offering above; with flecks of gold glitter running through, which stay on your lips even after the gloss has worn off. The really high shine finish makes your lips look plump, without feeling sticky. I do prefer this for the evening, as it is a little too glossy for the daytime. This smells amazing too (why do I always mention the smell?!). 

Overall I think the YSL golden gloss is my favourite, but it should be at over four times the price! If I'm honest though, if I were to buy more shades from either range, unless I won the lottery, it would be the Rimmel Vynil Glosses, purely to save the pennies (or pounds!).

Do you have any lipgloss formulas you love? 

But for now! 

M x

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